Part of speech: noun

A deformed state; a misshapen part; disfigurement; unsightliness.

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Usage examples "deformity":

  1. The wrong we see in each individual we do not call deformity: when it is so, it stands on the limit of the common circle, in opposition to beauty. - "An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Taste, and of the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty, etc.", Frances Reynolds.
  2. The whole scene was a picture of the condition of New England, and its moral, the deformity of any government that does not grow out of the nature of things and the character of the people. - "From-Twice-Told-Tales", Hawthorne, Nathaniel.
  3. The very image of deformity and infirmity! - "The Politician Out-Witted", Samuel Low.