Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

The act of defiling, or state of being defiled; uncleanness; pollution.

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Usage examples "defilement":

  1. This dislike is such that I have often thought it to be a favor to the heathen, that they are far off and out of sight; for if they were near and directly around many professed Christians, with all their defilement and ugliness in full view, much of the apparent sympathy for them which now exists, would be turned into contempt and cold neglect. - "Thoughts on Missions", Sheldon Dibble.
  2. I could not have touched the pitch she lived with, the pitch of which she was, without defilement. - "Lore of Proserpine", Maurice Hewlett.
  3. He was besmirched enough already without taking the wages of his defilement. - "Masterman and Son", W. J. Dawson.