Part of speech: adjective

Lacking; incomplete; imperfect; defective.

Part of speech: adverb


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Usage examples "deficient":

  1. If he change at all he can only change for the worse, for we cannot suppose him to be deficient either in virtue or beauty. - "Plato's Republic", Plato.
  2. The pasture is well adapted for sheep, and there are isolated valleys in which the soil is very good and fit for cultivation; but this kind of country only occupies a narrow strip of about ten miles, and although tracts of available land have been found in the interior, and it has been ascertained that water is not deficient, it must still, I fear, be considered as a very inferior district. - "Expedition into Central Australia", Charles Sturt.
  3. He was deficient in those gifts of imagination and romance which are essential to the highest oratory. - "Collections and Recollections", George William Erskine Russell.