Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to or founded on the number 10; proceeding by tens or tenths.

Part of speech: noun

A decimal fraction, or one of its digits.

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Usage examples "decimal":

  1. While he would himself walk, and talk, and argue after his own peculiar fashion with the American beauty,- explaining to her matters political and social, till he persuaded her to promise to read his pamphlet upon decimal coinage,- he was always making awkward efforts to throw Silverbridge and Lady Mabel together. - "The Duke's Children", Anthony Trollope.
  2. The second was taken at a National school where he learned the multiplication table and the decimal system with unusual ease. - "The Red Hand of Ulster", George A. Birmingham.
  3. It was brought forward as a trial of strength; and for such a purpose decimal coinage was as good a subject as any other. - "Phineas Redux", Anthony Trollope.