What does the word deceased mean?

    Part of speech: adjective

  • Dead.

Usage examples for deceased

  1. I got access to the manuscript papers of a deceased friend, who had been in the trade. – The History of the Rise, Progress and Accomplishment of the Abolition of the African Slave Trade by the British Parliament (1808), Vol. I by Thomas Clarkson
  2. I cannot tell you where my pistol was, and I must decline to say one word at present of the cause of my late quarrel with the deceased." – Marion's Faith. by Charles King
  3. Silent and sad, he stood a moment near the door, leaning on his stick; then he joined the funeral procession, in which there was neither daughter nor son- in- law nor grandson, only the servants, the neighbours, and distant relatives of the deceased. – Iermola by Joseph Ignatius Kraszewksi