Part of speech: verb

To intimidate; cow; tame.

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Usage examples "daunt":

  1. But nothing could daunt the courage or quench the zeal of the missionaries. - "The Old Franciscan Missions Of California", George Wharton James.
  2. Now, if we are once interested in a story, small difficulties of speech or spelling will not readily daunt us in the time- honored pursuit of " what happens next"- certainly not if we know enough of our author to feel sure he will come to the point and tell us what happens next with the least possible palaver. - "Adventures in Criticism", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.
  3. But the early morning hour did not daunt the young electrician; and when, after some delay, Mr. Bell came in, the two men rushed toward one another and regardless of everything else executed what Mr. Watson has since characterized as a war dance. - "Ted and the Telephone", Sara Ware Bassett.