Part of speech: noun

A membranous sac or vesicle in living organisms.

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Usage examples "cyst":

  1. Sometimes the cyst adheres to the thread and remains attached to its cnidoblast and to the polyp, but sometimes the thread breaks loose. - "Freshwater Sponges, Hydroids & Polyzoa", Nelson Annandale.
  2. The Vala motioned to her attendants to lay the cyst at the feet of Githa, and that done, with lowly salutation they left the room. - "Harold, Complete The Last Of The Saxon Kings", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.
  3. 3, Plate 61.- A cyst, c, is seen to grow from the left side of the base of the prostate, a b, and to form an obstruction at the vesical orifice. - "Surgical Anatomy", Joseph Maclise.