Part of speech: noun

An object of general interest or attention.

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Usage examples "cynosure":

  1. " You're free- you're free," Sir Claude went on; at which Maisie's back became aware of a push that vented resentment and that placed her again in the centre of the room, the cynosure of every eye and not knowing which way to turn. - "What Maisie Knew", Henry James.
  2. In the hand of each was a whiskey jug, the cynosure of all eyes. - "Bring Me His Ears", Clarence E. Mulford.
  3. They would be the cynosure of all eyes on Fifth Avenue, where most eyes belong to wealthy women who always look for, as well as at, handsome men of discretion and bona- fide divorce decrees. - "H. R.", Edwin Lefevre.