Part of speech: noun

One of a sect of Greek philosophers who taught contempt for pleasure, intellectual or sensual.

Part of speech: noun

A sneering, captious person; a misanthrope; pessimist.

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Usage examples "cynic":

  1. The Cynic lives for the salvation of his fellow creatures. - "Five Stages of Greek Religion", Gilbert Murray.
  2. A cynic might suggest as the motto of modern life this simple legend,-" just as good as the real." - "Backlog Studies", Charles Dudley Warner Last Updated: February 23, 2009.
  3. All the world isn't a cynic like you. - "The Moving Finger A Trotting Christmas Eve at Warwingie Lost! The Loss of the "Vanity" Dick Stanesby's Hutkeeper The Yanyilla Steeplechase A Digger's Christmas", Mary Gaunt.