Part of speech: noun

A recurring period of time; a round of years or of ages; a vast period.

Part of speech: noun

A turn or circle; loop.

Part of speech: noun

A bicycle, tricycle, etc.

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Usage examples "cycle":

  1. And so the cycle of operations becomes continuous, owing to cooling taking place at the top and heating at the bottom. - "Liquid Drops and Globules, their Formation and Movements", Chas. R. Darling.
  2. Where there is growth, there is motion, change, process; and there is also arrangement of the changes in a cycle. - "How We Think", John Dewey.
  3. Man hurt- out in front- motor- cycle smash- I'm going to bring him in here- get some things ready- I'll find dad! - "Tom Swift and his Motor-cycle", Victor Appleton.