Part of speech: noun

A marine mollusk, with 8 or 10 arms and an internal shell or bone, having the power of ejecting an inky fluid to conceal itself.

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Usage examples "cuttlefish":

  1. The duke and his mother appeared to her as cuttlefish in a cave under perpendicular cliffs that ran into the sea. - "The Title Market", Emily Post.
  2. The plaster she didn't mind, but the blister and the cod- liver oil were terrible; and when it came to the essence of distilled cuttlefish - well, she just couldn't stand it! - "A Little Book of Profitable Tales", Eugene Field.
  3. On the map it looks like a great cuttlefish with its numerous arms and tentacula reaching out in all directions into the wilds. - "Locusts and Wild Honey", John Burroughs.