What does the word cutlery mean?

Usage examples for cutlery

  1. And they saw the whole of England, like a great puzzle map- green in the field parts and brown in the towns, and black in the places where they make coal and crockery and cutlery and chemicals. – The Book of Dragons by Edith Nesbit
  2. For we had practically no money, and we had not only to buy blankets and clothes for the winter, but also to set up house, buy crockery, cutlery, cooking pots. – A Prisoner in Turkey by John Still
  3. I have heard it said that DeLancey can tell offhand what has been the correct thing in dress for each of the last thirty- five years, and that he can handle as many as fifteen articles of cutlery and forkery at a dinner table with absolute accuracy. – Homeburg Memories by George Helgesen Fitch