Part of speech: noun

A mixture of milk, eggs, sugar, etc., boiled or baked.

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Usage examples "custard":

  1. First mix rice and corn well together, then beat in the custard. - "The-Suffrage-Cook-Book", Kleber, L. O., Mrs..
  2. As to the gross ideals of the former tenant, I need only say that he had made, as I now learned, a window display of foods, quite after the manner of a draper's window: moulds of custard set in a row, flanked on either side by " pies," as the natives call their tarts, with perhaps a roast fowl or ham in the centre. - "Ruggles of Red Gap", Harry Leon Wilson.
  3. In some the taste of the custard surrounding the heart- like seeds rises almost to the height of passion, rapture, or mild delirium. - "My Tropic Isle", E J Banfield.