Part of speech: noun

A short thick stick of wood.

Part of speech: verb

To beat, as with a cudgel.

Part of speech: noun

A short thick stick; a club.

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Usage examples "cudgel":

  1. " Or me," said Will Scarlet, who like Little John was always willing to swing a cudgel. - "Robin Hood", J. Walker McSpadden.
  2. Each grasped the stout cudgel he held in his hand, and gazed at the roof of the warehouse, which could now be plainly seen, for the moon was half full and the sky was clear. - "When London Burned", G. A. Henty.
  3. Go ahead, old boy, thought Lupin, cudgel your brains: you'll never spot it! - "The Crystal Stopper", Maurice LeBlanc.