Part of speech: noun

A small bottle, flask, or jug; cruet. cruize.

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Usage examples "cruse":

  1. Memories of Elisha and the ravens, of the widow's cruse, of the loaves and fishes, must have floated through the radiant fog in poor Melpomene's mind. - "Mortal Coils", Aldous Huxley.
  2. " It was the awkwardest thing I ever saw," said Mr. Cruse to Mr. M'Gabbery, in a low tone, but not so low but what Bertram was intended to hear it. - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.
  3. The water- jar was filled with wine, The broken cruse again restored, And green had grown the withered gourd. - "The Piper and the Reed", Robert Norwood.