What does the word crucifix mean?

Usage examples for crucifix

  1. The nun was wildly- kissing the dead woman's hand, an ivory hand as white as the large crucifix lying across the bed. – Original Short Stories, Volume 12 (of 13) by Guy de Maupassant Last Updated: February 13, 2009
  2. In an instant, calm, self- possession, reason returned; I again approached the bed; I leaned over my idol and kissed the crucifix. – Child of a Century, v3 by Alfred de Musset
  3. Well, the crucifix told them nothing; but as Mr. Clifford, lantern in hand, descended the ladder, which Benita held, Jacob Meyer, who was in front of the altar, called to them excitedly that he had found something. – Benita, An African Romance by H. Rider Haggard