Part of speech: noun

Earthen- ware.

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Usage examples "crockery":

  1. I have got rid from my sight of that fellow Moscione, that face of old- fashioned crockery, that nail in my heart. - "Stories from Pentamerone", Giambattista Basile.
  2. She had her mantel- shelf ornaments and crockery and nick- nacks packed away, in the linen and old clothes, in a big tub made of half a cask, and a box that had been Jim's cradle. - "Joe Wilson and His Mates", Henry Lawson.
  3. It might have happened to any one, but only FitzPercy would have searched carefully amongst the crockery, and having found what he was looking for made a point of bringing it to head- quarters just as the tin was finally removed. - "No Man's Land", H. C. McNeile.