What does the word credulity mean?

Usage examples for credulity

  1. " You talk strangely to me, Miss Cartwright," said she gravely; " and if you are playing upon my credulity or curiosity, I must submit to it. – The Vicar of Wrexhill by Mrs [Frances] Trollope
  2. I now prepare to give the reader some facts, which he may consider as a trial of credulity. – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) by Isaac D'Israeli
  3. Now, I know, you may look upon these things with a smile of credulity, and say it was all the result of imagination; but a mere fancy cannot mislead hundreds of people, and make them believe that their eyes are traitors. – The Old Bell Of Independence; Or, Philadelphia In 1776 by Henry C. Watson