Part of speech: noun

A detachable portion of a bond, ticket, etc.

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Usage examples "coupon":

  1. So regardless of whether an iron bound itinerary would take us there next, we folded away our maps, put our trust in our little yellow coupon ticket book, and started for the Achensee. - "Abroad with the Jimmies", Lilian Bell.
  2. In return for each catalog you will receive a numbered coupon. - "Dawson Black: Retail Merchant", Harold Whitehead.
  3. And it's just struck me how I should have looked, going out to dinner somewhere, strange house very likely, and I'd said to somebody I'd perhaps met for the first time, 'Don't think much of these salted almonds; our hostess ought to try the F. and B. Brand, a Hundred Gold Medals, and see that the blessed coupon isn't broken. - "A Crooked Mile", Oliver Onions.