What does the word counterpoise mean?

Usage examples for counterpoise

  1. Thus, then, we might get, by way of counterpoise to the voting power of a bare and overwhelming proletariat, the worthier and far sweeter voices of those who have virtues and excellences of various kinds to recommend them,- so that if the lowest constituent counts for one, the highest may add up to six or eight. – My Life as an Author by Martin Farquhar Tupper
  2. Or, with the tail as a counterpoise, the entire body could be reared out of water and the head be raised some thirty feet in the air. – Animals of the Past by Frederic A. Lucas
  3. Austria was to be reconstituted according to the federative plans of the late Archduke Franz Ferdinand, to be made stronger than before as a counterpoise to Italy, and to be at the beck and call of France. – The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference by Emile Joseph Dillon