Part of speech: verb

To oppose with an equal force; offset.

Part of speech: noun

Any power equally opposing another; a counterpoise.

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Usage examples "counterbalance":

  1. Printing itself would greatly benefit from a flourishing development of original bookmaking, gaining just that stimulus on the art side that it needs to counterbalance the pressure of commercialism. - "The Booklover and His Books", Harry Lyman Koopman.
  2. For small work, however, the facility with which a spirit lamp may be lighted may more than counterbalance these disadvantages at times. - "A Handbook of Laboratory Glass-Blowing", Bernard D. Bolas.
  3. The women here referred to and who are placed in this wretched position are the inevitable counterbalance to the European lady, with her pretensions and arrogance. - "Essays of Schopenhauer", Arthur Schopenhauer.