Part of speech: adjective

Same as cozy. Cosy.

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Usage examples "cosey":

  1. And best of all the good times were the long, cosey evenings, when they gathered around the open fire, either at the Hapgood house, or else in Mrs. Adams's parlor, to talk over the events of the day or tell stories, while they roasted apples and popped corn over the coals, regardless of the fact that much better results and much fewer burns would have come from the same labors performed over the kitchen stove. - "Half a Dozen Girls", Anna Chapin Ray.
  2. He was so comfortable and cosey and the story- book was so interesting. - "Master Sunshine", Mrs. C. F. Fraser.
  3. The old ladies had cosey times together. - "The Freedmen's Book", Lydia Maria Child.