Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to a corona or halo, or to the crown of the head.

Part of speech: noun

A crown or garland. coronary.

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Usage examples "coronal":

  1. Now the scarlet cloak no longer flaunted among the dancers, and the white satin gown and sparkling coronal had disappeared. - "The Valiants of Virginia", Hallie Erminie Rives.
  2. Lo, in this season pensive- hued and grave, While fades and falls the doomed, reluctant leaf From withered Earth's fantastic coronal, With wandering sighs of forest and of wave Mingles the murmur of a people's grief For him whose leaf shall fade not, neither fall. - "The Poems of William Watson", William Watson.
  3. Nay; For whatsoever such as thou may say I am not found so easy to beguile: As for the gem thou wouldest, this good while It hath adorned the crown I wear, nor shall The stone be parted from the coronal. - "The Poems of William Watson", William Watson.