Part of speech: noun

A large voracious aquatic bird; a glutton or avaricious person.

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Usage examples "cormorant":

  1. The shags were large and black, with a white spot behind the wings as they flew; but probably only the larger water cormorant. - "A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 16", Robert Kerr.
  2. If I gave it back to them, what would become of you and George, and how am I to stop the clamours of that cormorant? - "The Garies and Their Friends", Frank J. Webb.
  3. Some men have a stomach for office like a cormorant, which is a serious scourge to the nation. - "The Life and Adventures of Maj. Roger Sherman Potter", "Pheleg Van Trusedale" A pseudonym for Francis Colburn Adams.