Part of speech: noun

A thick and durable cotton stuff, corded or ribbed.

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Usage examples "corduroy":

  1. " I wonder that she can put up with me," she thought ruefully, smoothing down the folds of her simple corduroy skirt. - "Miss Pat at Artemis Lodge", Pemberton Ginther.
  2. Diana, in her worn corduroy habit, her soft hat pulled well over her great eyes, looked from Agnew to Enoch, smiled and did not reply. - "The Enchanted Canyon", Honoré Willsie Morrow.
  3. He had at this time a farm about four miles up Yonge Street, and on a lot called No. 1. Yonge Street was then a corduroy road immediately after leaving King Street, and passing through a dense forest. - "Toronto of Old", Henry Scadding.