Part of speech: adjective

Like copper.

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Usage examples "coppery":

  1. His coppery colour, his long straight black hair, his dark and wild piercing eye, with his somewhat odd attire, told you at once he was of a different race from any of the others. - "Popular Adventure Tales", Mayne Reid.
  2. In their mode of life these people- tall, well- made, attractive, and coppery- colored folk- were what is now termed communists, that is, they lived from common stores and had all an equal share in the land and its yield- the products of their vegetable gardens, their hunting and fishing expeditions, their home labors, and their household goods. - "Historic Girls", E. S. Brooks.
  3. Ducher, 1870. Coppery buff yellow. - "Roses and Rose Growing", Rose Georgina Kingsley.