Part of speech: noun

A covering for the head.

Part of speech: verb

To contend on equal terms; followed by with.

Part of speech: noun

Anything that arches overhead; a coping.

Part of speech: noun

A long mantle, as of a priest.

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Usage examples "cope":

  1. Paris, 1894- 1900. Cope, E. M., ed. - "The Last Poems of Ovid", Ovid.
  2. It is evident Miss Watts cannot cope with her." - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke.
  3. " My dear Mr. Lyndon," said McMurtrie, courteously, " as a scientist yourself you don't imagine that it's beyond the art of an intelligent surgeon to cope with a little difficulty like that?" - "A Rogue by Compulsion", Victor Bridges.