What does the word cooperative mean?

Usage examples for cooperative

  1. 7766- 9. A special age and schooling certificate which shall permit a child to be employed during the hours that the school to which the holder is assigned is not in session, other than the summer vacation, or, where cooperative part- time classes approved by the state board of education have been established, shall permit a child to be employed on the alternate days, weeks, or periods, on which his division is assigned to such part- time employment may be issued to a child above fourteen years of age under all of the conditions other than age and education which apply to a regular age and schooling certificate and such additional conditions as the superintendent of schools may deem necessary. – Mining Laws of Ohio, 1921 by Anonymous
  2. For myself, I am bending every energy toward the formation of a cooperative colony which will demonstrate the feasibility of a cooperative form of government for the whole nation- the whole world, in fact. – Starr, of the Desert by B. M Bower