Part of speech: noun

One who makes casks, barrels, etc.

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Usage examples "cooper":

  1. This John Cooper, for some services rendered to the lord of the manor, obtained three privileges, That of regulating the goodness and price of beer, consequently he stands in the front of the whole liquid race of high tasters; that he should, whenever he pleased, beat a bull in the Bull- ring, whence arises the name; and, that he should be allowed interment in the south porch of St. Martin's church. - "An History of Birmingham (1783)", William Hutton.
  2. They told how lately on the Baltimore and Ohio railroad Peter Cooper had experimented with a little locomotive, and had beaten a gray horse attached to another car. - "Marcia Schuyler", Grace Livingston Hill Lutz.
  3. Cooper used to tell the story of the man who in an argument was met with: " Why it is as plain as that two and two make four." - "Stories of Authors, British and American", Edwin Watts Chubb.