Part of speech: verb

To utter as the note of a dove; make love in low, murmuring tones.

Part of speech: noun

A murmuring note, as of a dove.

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Usage examples "coo":

  1. To the children it seemed an utter impossibility that Billy should ever find them, though they said nothing, and Jim obediently lifted up his voice and coo- ee'd in answer to the Hermit's words. - "A Little Bush Maid", Mary Grant Bruce.
  2. When all of the players have been thus disposed, the leader calls, " Pom, pom, cooketty coo!" - "Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium", Jessie H. Bancroft.
  3. But the big, big Coo wouldn't hold still. - "More English Fairy Tales", Various.