Part of speech: noun

Gradual recovery from illness.

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Usage examples "convalescence":

  1. During her tedious convalescence, as Raymond would sit beside her bed and read aloud to her, their eyes were constantly meeting in unspoken apprehension. - "Love, The Fiddler", Lloyd Osbourne.
  2. Without work play would become a bore; if there were no hunger and thirst there would be no pleasure in eating and drinking; even illness is followed by convalescence, with story- books to read instead of lessons, and licence to lie in bed as long as you like, and so there is the delight, in very cold weather, of getting warm again; and there is also skating. - "Dr. Jolliffe's Boys", Lewis Hough.
  3. Perhaps there is a gleam of hope and a symptom of convalescence in the fact that the Prince of Wales, during his late visit, got off without a single speech. - "The Function Of The Poet And Other Essays", James Russell Lowell.