Part of speech: noun

Insolent obstinacy.

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Usage examples "contumacy":

  1. " Allan Welsh," said the moderator, stretching out his hand, " minister of the gospel in the parish of Dullarg to the faithful contending remnant, I call upon you to show cause why you should not be deposed for the sins of contumacy and contempt, for sins of person and life, confessed and communicate under your hand." - "The Lilac Sunbonnet", S.R. Crockett.
  2. They nipped contumacy in the bud. - "St. Cuthbert's", Robert E. Knowles.
  3. Even the correct Hannah, who had preserved her faith unbroken, in spite of her husband's and sons' contumacy, and the, if possible, still more particular Rachel, were startled from their usual composure, and gave vent to their joy. - "The Old Bell Of Independence; Or, Philadelphia In 1776", Henry C. Watson.