What does the word controvert mean?

Usage examples for controvert

  1. I am not about to controvert it. – Select Speeches of Daniel Webster by Daniel Webster
  2. Any one who should attain to such a power could only do so by his realization of the all- embracing Unity of the Spirit as being the Foundation of all things; and this being the basis of his own extended powers he would be the last to controvert his own basic principle by employing his powers in such a way as to disturb the natural course of evolution in the world where he was. – The Creative Process in the Individual by Thomas Troward
  3. But much would undoubtedly be gained towards that view of the question, if it could be shown, that, in order to controvert it, we were driven to the necessity of admitting long written poems, in the ninth century before the Christian aera. – The Odyssey of Homer by Homer, translated by Alexander Pope