Part of speech: verb

To translate; interpret; explain.

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Usage examples "construe":

  1. But it would be utterly arbitrary to construe even such statements as proofs that they were unaware of the limits which society demanded from them. - "Psychology and Social Sanity", Hugo M√ľnsterberg.
  2. " It has not been easy for him to construe and weigh the American situation for his Government, and have his judgment taken, any more than it has been easy for Mr. Gerard to convince the German Foreign Office that the American Notes were really meant. - "My Three Years in America", Johann Heinrich Andreas Hermann Albrecht Graf von Bernstorff.
  3. This was almost a sorer wound to us than the other; for we somehow could not but construe it as the collapse of shame. - "St. Cuthbert's", Robert E. Knowles.