Part of speech: noun

That which constricts; a serpent. as a boa, that crushes its prey.

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Usage examples "constrictor":

  1. He saw the huge coils of the Venusian water- constrictor. - "The Wealth of Echindul", Noel Miller Loomis.
  2. " Ah, no, my little owl, Jean Jacques will wind the boa- constrictor round his neck like a collar, all for love of those he has lost," answered the Judge with emotion; and he caught M. Fille's arm in the companionship of sorrow. - "The Money Master, Volume 3.", Gilbert Parker.
  3. You don't mean to say that you've been starving all the time I've been gorging myself like- like a boa- constrictor? - "The Dop Doctor", Clotilde Inez Mary Graves.