What does the word congruous mean?

    Part of speech: adverb

  • Congruously.

  • Part of speech: adjective

  • Harmoniously related or combined; appropriate; consistent.

Usage examples for congruous

  1. This, however, I hope on another occasion to come back to; and I am caught meanwhile by my memory of how the note of this conviction was struck for me, with extraordinary force, many months ago and in the first flush of recognition of what the fate that had overtaken our earliest tides of arrival and appeal really meant- meant so that all fuller acquaintance, since pursued, has but piled one congruous reality after another upon the horror. – Within the Rim and Other Essays by Henry James
  2. The stream of fiction was so constant an appeal to the charmed, by which I mean of course the predisposed, mind that it fairly seemed at moments to overflow its banks and take to its bosom any recognised, any congruous creature or thing that might happen to be within reach. – Notes of a Son and Brother by Henry James
  3. Our text is introduced by " seeing that;" and though some doubts may be raised as to that translation and the logical connection of the paragraph, it appears on the whole most congruous with both the preceding and the following context, to retain it and to see here the reason for the exhortation which goes before-" Put off all these," and for that which follows-" Put on, therefore," the beautiful garment of love and compassion. – The Expositor's Bible: Colossians and Philemon by Alexander Maclaren