Part of speech: adjective

Expressing congratulation.

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Usage examples "congratulatory":

  1. It is delightful to sit down and wish anybody joy; to overflow with congratulatory phrases over a favorable bit of news; to say how glad you are that your friend is engaged or married, or has inherited a fortune, has written a successful book, or has painted an immortal picture. - "Manners and Social Usages", Mrs. John M. E. W. Sherwood.
  2. Provided with congratulatory bouquets, they set forth. - "Balcony Stories", Grace E. King.
  3. Shortly after the marriage she wrote indignantly to George:- Skeys has received congratulatory letters from most of his friends and relations in Ireland, and he now regrets that he did not marry sooner. - "Mary Wollstonecraft", Elizabeth Robins Pennell.