Part of speech: verb

To yield; acknowledge; admit.

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Usage examples "concede":

  1. He refused to concede the oft- repeated claim that great fortunes were the product of special legal privileges. - "Contemporary American History, 1877-1913", Charles A. Beard.
  2. Europeans maintain that, in things innocent in themselves, but which are closely connected with the independence of action and tastes of men, the American is less his own master than the inhabitant of this part of the world; and this is the fact I, for one, feel it necessary to concede to them. - "Recollections of Europe", J. Fenimore Cooper.
  3. How he knew this, and why he accepted the fact as inevitable, is one of the mysteries which at times seems to give the direct challenge to those who concede nothing more than instinct to the brute mind. - "Baree, Son of Kazan", James Oliver Curwood.