Part of speech: verb

To strive for the same object; rival; vie.

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Usage examples "compete":

  1. These denominations, however, have not been able to compete in numbers and influence with the Allenites and Zionites. - "The History of the Negro Church", Carter Godwin Woodson.
  2. It was excellent, and might almost compete with the water from the famous spring of Crawley. - "Hudson Bay", R.M. Ballantyne.
  3. If an independent investment banker wishes to compete with a " Money Trust" in financing a new enterprise, he can go to his commercial banker, and offer collateral security for a loan; if the commercial banker wishes to aid him, but is short of lending power, he may, if he has plenty of commercial paper available for rediscount, rediscount it with the Federal Reserve Bank, and so get the additional funds. - "The Value of Money", Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr..