What does the word compendium mean?

Usage examples for compendium

  1. It is a species of compendium of the work of M. Willems, and was issued in 1889. It is somewhat faulty and incomplete; but not without its value to beginners in the study of the Elzevir press. – Book Collecting A Guide for Amateurs by John Herbert Slater
  2. It would be nothing less than a waste of labor to alter, by separate enactments, those laws which the Revised Code will amend, or to sanction new provisions, in that Compendium already provided for, and which temporary enactments would, therefore, become valueless almost as soon as they should have been promulgated. – Speeches of His Majesty Kamehameha IV. To the Hawaiian Legislature by Kamehameha IV
  3. It did not look crazy, with its Gaskell's Compendium copperplate and its careful signature. – The La Chance Mine Mystery by Susan Carleton Jones