Part of speech: noun

A state of unconsciousness, with slow, heavy breathing; stupor.

Part of speech: noun

The glowing, hazy mass around the nucleus of a comet.

Part of speech: noun

A tuft of silky hairs.

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Usage examples "coma":

  1. I do not know how soon suspended animation or the state of hypnotic coma, undisturbed, changes into death- whether it comes gradually, imperceptibly freeing the soul; whether the soul hides there, asleep, until suddenly the flame of vitality is extinguished. - "The Tracer of Lost Persons", Robert W. Chambers.
  2. All through the hours of that long autumn day, the coma continued, until the doctor confessed his fear that she would pass away without even a minute's lapse into consciousness. - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.
  3. Bugs Butler's mood, accordingly, when some thirty hours after the painful episode recorded in the last chapter he awoke from a state of coma in the ring at Jersey City to discover that Mr. Lew Lucas had knocked him out in the middle of the third round, should have been one of quiet contentment. - "The Adventures of Sally", P. G. Wodehouse.