Part of speech: verb

To wind spirally.

Part of speech: noun

A ring or spiral; perplexity.

Part of speech: noun

Confusion or tumult; turmoil.

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Usage examples "coil":

  1. He could not move his feet for the strong coil of Ishmael's legs around his, and he knew that in a moment more he must fall backwards with the weight still upon him. - "Secret Bread", F. Tennyson Jesse.
  2. He had a great coil of thin strong cord in his hand. - "Revenge!", by Robert Barr.
  3. Presently he entered cautiously, until he came once again to the underground coil without meeting anyone; but while he stood peering down into the dark pit, he realised that Ferrara had in the stillness of that gloomy retreat fallen a victim to his dark fancies of the " voiceless people." - "The Golden Rock", Ernest Glanville.