Part of speech: noun

A chest; strong box; safe.

Part of speech: noun

A treasury; financial resources.

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Usage examples "coffer":

  1. As I tore my red hair In a fit of despair I heard my Achates complain That the gent with the coffer Had nothing to offer In the way of relieving his pain! - "Hoosier Lyrics", Eugene Field.
  2. He saw before him a tapestry on the walls with a gray ground sprinkled with violets, a little coffer of ebony, an antique mirror, an immense and very old arm chair also in ebony and covered with tapestry, a table with twisted legs, a pretty carpet on the floor, near the table a single chair; and that was all. - "Juana", Honore de Balzac.
  3. There then was Birdalone left to herself; and she was over weary even to weep; true it is that she made a step or two towards the coffer, but reframed her, and took two of the pillows from the great chair and turned aside into the other corner, her chains jingling as she went. - "The Water of the Wondrous Isles", William Morris.