Part of speech: noun

A weed that grows among grain.

Part of speech: noun

An edible European bivalve.

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Usage examples "cockle":

  1. Only a cockle- shell truly, yet it held a bit of heaven within it- the heaven of obedience. - "A Book of Quaker Saints", Lucy Violet Hodgkin.
  2. How he did it Rob never knew, but he stuck like a cockle- burr, and that without " going to leather," or, in other words, gripping any part of the saddle. - "The Boy Scouts On The Range", Lieut. Howard Payson.
  3. No sooner would I get my great head and long nose pointed for a swift downward plunge, than a thundering billow would actually toss me into the air, just as I have seen a spurt of spray toss a cockle- shell. - "Lord Dolphin", Harriet A. Cheever.