Part of speech: noun

A crested parrot.

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Usage examples "cockatoo":

  1. Occasionally a sulphur- crested cockatoo comes sailing down to the diminishing pool through interwoven leafage noiselessly as a butterfly; but scrub fowls, scared by the apparition in white, scamper off with a clatter, scattering the dead leaves. - "Tropic Days", E. J. Banfield.
  2. And he met that pedlar and bought the pagoda off him for two pounds and a highly- coloured cockatoo he was bringing home. - "Oswald Bastable and Others", Edith Nesbit.
  3. The Pelican said nothing, but stared at the Judge with an eye of such astonishment and stern contempt, that the Cockatoo instantly remembered that he was a judge, and, getting into a proper attitude, said hastily, Advance Australia! - "Dot and the Kangaroo", Ethel C. Pedley.