Part of speech: verb

To call with or utter a cluck.

Part of speech: noun

A sound made, or like that made, by a brooding hen in calling her chicks.

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Usage examples "cluck":

  1. Written out properly, it reads thus: Hammer boys round- Old Clem, With a thump and a sound- Old Clem, Beat it out, beat it out- Old Clem, With a cluck for the stout- Old Clem, Blow the fire, blow the fire- Old Clem, Roaring drier, soaring higher- Old Clem. - "Charles Dickens and Music", James T. Lightwood.
  2. " Cluck, cluck, cluck," said the Hen- grouse. - "The Boy Who Knew What The Birds Said", Padraic Colum.
  3. The coo of doves and cluck of hens, the only voices, sounded peaceful in the sun- filled air. - "The Valley of the Kings", Marmaduke Pickthall.