What does the word cloister mean?

    Part of speech: verb transitive

  • To seclude, as in a cloister.

  • Part of speech: verb transitive

  • To provide with cloisters.

  • Part of speech: noun

  • A covered walk, as for monks; a monastery; ocnvent.

Usage examples for cloister

  1. The precaution of covering the cloister with a glass roof has only been taken in modern times, and too late. – Fra Bartolommeo by Leader Scott (Re-Edited By Horace Shipp And Flora Kendrick)
  2. In the cloister, too, there was silence at the sunset hour. – The Blue Flower, and Others by Henry van Dyke
  3. I could live in a cloister or a prison without caring. – The Chouans by Honore de Balzac