Part of speech: noun

A cutting; a slip cut, as from a newspaper.

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Usage examples "clipping":

  1. Mr. Hewitt nodded in the direction of a man who was clipping a box border. - "Martin Hewitt, Investigator", Arthur Morrison.
  2. He threw the clipping away, and pulled out the final bit of paper. - "Pursuit", Lester del Rey.
  3. The little girl's mother put the last stitches on the new clothes; the big brothers, each having firmly refused to let either of the others try a hand at clipping him, made a journey to the post- office to get their hair cut by the hardware man; and the little girl wore a despised sunbonnet, had her yellow locks put up on rags, and went to bed every night with clabbered milk on her face. - "The Biography of a Prairie Girl", Eleanor Gates.