What does the word clime mean?

Usage examples for clime

  1. Methods must grow out of the economic needs of each place and clime, and of the intellectual and temperamental requirements of the individual. – Anarchism and Other Essays by Emma Goldman
  2. But the flowers of earth are fragile and fair,- And the young brow must fade and be furrowed with care; But hast thou not heard of a wonderful clime That ne'er has been marred by the footsteps of Time? – Canadian Wild Flowers by Helen M. Johnson
  3. Nor thou alone: with one glad voice Let all thy sister States rejoice: Let Freedom, in whatever clime She waits with sleepless eye her time, Shouting from cave and mountain wood Make glad her desert solitude, While they who hunt her, quail with fear; The New World's chain lies broken here! – How the Flag Became Old Glory by Emma Look Scott