Part of speech: verb

To grasp firmly; close tightly, as the fist or the teeth; clinch.

Part of speech: noun

A clenching; firm grip; clinch.

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Usage examples "clench":

  1. The young man saw the girl's hands clench, saw her face grow slowly pale. - "The Coming of the Law", Charles Alden Seltzer.
  2. He then proceeds to prove again his already proved position, and thus to clench his argument. - "The Doctrines of Predestination, Reprobation, and Election", Robert Wallace.
  3. When Lucy began to play clench- dummy with her own life, with her husband's love, and with the institution of marriage, Fulton, I think, would have made no mistake if he had stripped her to the skin and taken a great whip to her. - "We Three", Gouverneur Morris.